How Does Robitussin Alleviate Cold-Like Symptoms?


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Robitussin alleviates cold-like symptoms by thinning and loosening mucus, clearing the congestion of the airways, and facilitating breathing, states WebMD. Robitussin is an expectorant and is not an effective treatment of chronic coughing and breathing issues, unless prescribed by physician.

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Although not a cure for cold-like symptoms, taking Robitussin by mouth, with or without food, helps relieve cold symptoms, notes WebMD. When self-medicating, check the outer package to determine if the medication is appropriate for the symptoms. Follow the directions on the label, taking care to administer the proper dosage. Avoid overdosing the medication or administering it to children under the age limit listed on the package. If the correct dosage is unclear, consult a physician for guidance.

Take Robitussin using the accompanying measuring cup or a spoon when taking the liquid form, every four hours or as recommended by the doctor, states WebMD. If prescribed by a physician, complete the treatment as prescribed. Do not mix medications that treat the same symptoms or take more than six doses of Robitussin in a day, unless directed by physician.

Drinking plenty of liquids while taking Robitussin helps break up the chest congestion and mucus in the airways, explains WebMD. Consult a physician if cold symptoms last longer than seven days, worsen, or consist of persistent headache, severe sore throat, rash or headache. This can prevent further development of a more serious condition.

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