What Are the Risks for Pulling Out a Tooth Yourself?

Pain, infection, abscess and failing to remove the tooth entirely are risks when an individual pulls a tooth on his own, states Paul M. Loper, DDS. Despite these risks, some instances of pulling teeth are acceptable without the aid of a doctor, including loose baby teeth and severe gum disease.

When pulling baby teeth, it is best to know whether the tooth is old enough to be removed, recommends Paul M. Loper. Baby teeth that wiggle can be easily pulled without professional assistance. The use of pliers in self-removal of teeth is not recommended, as they can introduce infection into the mouth and even break the tooth into pieces without entirely removing it. Individuals who have severe gum disease may remove infected teeth provided they are loose enough. This can occur when the gum disease has decayed the socket and surrounding bone to an extent where the tooth is easily removed.

Abscesses always require professional dental care in removing the tooth and providing necessary antibiotics, according to Paul M. Loper. It is best to seek a dentist when experiencing any kind of toothache. Individuals who attempt to pull aching teeth do not have the use of anesthetics or the necessary expertise and are likely to complicate the problem.