What Are the Risks of Partial Dentures?


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The risks of partial dentures include difficulty chewing, mild irritation and soreness, according to WhereIsMyDoctor.com. Speech difficulties will take time to correct in adjusting to a partial denture.

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As the mouth adjusts to the denture, increased salivation may occur, states Sarah Leavitt, Medical Research Editor for WhereIsMyDoctor.com. While the dentist creates partial dentures to fit the exact shape of the existing gums, mild irritation and soreness can still occur as a person adjusts to the feeling of dentures. Avoid hard or sticky foods until chewing with the partial denture becomes more comfortable. A partial denture can affect speech. Difficulty in pronouncing certain words will subside with time and practice.

Plastic partial dentures can damage the gums surrounding the teeth where they are attached, notes Dentures.org. Dentures require daily removal and thorough brushing to remove particles and debris. The partial denture needs to fit as closely as possible on the gums. A person's gums can change shape over time causing the denture to fit uncomfortably. If this happens or the partial denture is damaged, see the dentist as soon as possible. Never try to adjust the denture, particularly if there are metal clasps. Metal clasps are delicate and can easily bend or break.

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