What Are Some of the Risks of Laser Liposuction?


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Risks of laser liposuction include infections, fluid accumulation and contour irregularities, claims Mayo Clinic. Inflammation, bad bruising and numbness are other risks, notes Medical News Today.

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Skin infections are possible but very rare, and they can be lethal if the infections are severe. Seromas, which are temporary fluid pockets, sometimes develop under the skin, but the fluid accumulation can be drained. The skin can also appear wavy, withered or bumpy because of reduced skin elasticity, uneven fat removal and unusual healing, where contour irregularities may be permanent, reports Mayo Clinic.

Inflammation sometimes occurs if it takes a long time for the swelling to go down. Bad bruising is common in patients who have been taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory medicine, as well as in patients who have bleeding disorders. Numbness and nerve irritation may be experienced temporarily in the area of the procedure, states Medical News Today.

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