What Risks Are Involved in Having Surgery to Correct Bunions?


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There are a number of risks involved with bunion surgery, including infection, recurrence of the bunion, a bend in the big toe and tendon damage, explains WebMD. Other risks include nerve damage, restricted movement, persistent pain and degenerative joint disease.

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Before agreeing to bunion surgery, it is important for the patient to understand the risks, according to WebMD. The bunion may return following surgery, for instance, especially if the patient does not wear the correct shoes.

It is also important to keep expectations realistic. For example, though bunion surgery improves the appearance of the foot, it may not result in a perfect looking limb. This type of surgery may also decrease the flexibility the patient currently has in the foot, and full range of motion in the big toe may no longer be possible. If considering bunion surgery, also keep in mind that patients are required to stay off the foot for a period of time during recovery.

The type of surgery given depends on the severity of the bunion. It is advisable to seek out a surgeon who has experience with many types of bunions, and it is always best to research and find a surgeon who can tailor the surgery to the type of bunion present.

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