What Are Some Risks of Having a Pacemaker?


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Some risks of having a pacemaker include electrical devices interfering with the pacemaker if the person stays near them longer than necessary, infection at the implantation site, bruising or bleeding, and allergic reactions to the anesthesia or dye used during implantation, according to the American Heart Association and Mayo Clinic. A magnetic resonance imaging machine has a powerful magnet that may interrupt the pacemaker's output and short-wave or microwave diathermy machines used in physical therapy may bypass the pacemaker's noise protection system and permanently damage it.

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What Are Some Risks of Having a Pacemaker?
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Other devices with a small risk of interfering with the functionality of the pacemaker include metal detectors used at security checkpoints and anti-theft systems, notes the American Heart Association. The risk is generally only associated with staying near these systems longer than necessary.

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