What Are the Risks of Buying Testosterone Online?


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The risks of buying testosterone online include misrepresentation or nondisclosure of the supplements' side effects, according to WebMD. Also, unqualified persons run of the some websites that sell testosterone treatments.

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A study of 70 websites found that a majority of them omit information about the side effects of testosterone, which is against regulations by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. About 21 percent of the sites investigated denied the presence of any side effects. Almost all of the websites, however, focused on potential benefits of testosterone treatment. The study also found that people other than physicians run about a third of the 70 sites, reports WebMD.

Production of testosterone mainly occurs in the testicles, but women also have low levels of the hormone. Testosterone levels fall with age. Low levels of testosterone can cause weak erections, fatigue and low libido. Research links low testosterone to about 20 percent of men over 60 years. The side effects of testosterone treatment include increased male pattern baldness, reduced levels of healthy HDL cholesterol, poor prostate health, and liver problems in the case of oral testosterone, claims WebMD.

Effects of excessive use include acne, worsening of urinary symptoms, rage and congestive heart failure. It is advisable to use legitimate sites whose sponsors are medical institutions that the patient knows well, adds WebMD.

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