What Are Some of the Risks Associated With Taking Aspirin?


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Taking aspirin can trigger an adverse reaction in those who are allergic to it, according to Mayo Clinic, and daily aspirin therapy can cause gastrointestinal bleeding or stroke. Aspirin reduces blood’s clotting effect and is used to prevent strokes caused by clots; however, it can actually cause bleeding-related strokes.

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Aspirin can also cause ulcers, explains Mayo Clinic. It can cause ulcers to bleed, and its blood-thinning effect exacerbates any pre-existing bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, which can be fatal. Anticoagulants, some herbal supplements and some antidepressants can cause major bleeding when combined with aspirin, so these medications should be supervised by a doctor. Alcohol also thins the blood, so its use should be limited while taking aspirin.

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