What Are the Risks Associated With the Lifestyle Lift?

Risks associated with cosmetic surgery performed at a Lifestyle Lift center include unsightly facial distortion, ongoing pain, psychological trauma and hospitalization, reports USA Today. Lifestyle Lift was forced to settle lawsuits in New York and Florida after state attorney generals found them guilty of false advertising in using employees as supposedly satisfied customers in advertisements. In March 2015, Lifestyle Lift announced that it was ceasing operations and contemplating initiating bankruptcy proceedings, states the Tampa Bay Times.

Although some legitimate customers expressed satisfaction with their inexpensive Lifestyle Lift facial surgery, many others expressed profound dissatisfaction, according to USA Today. For instance, one woman complained of lopsided ears and loose skin on her neck. Another spoke of the trauma of being under local anesthesia and awake while a doctor tried to pull skin loose from her head. A number of Lifestyle Lift patients complained that the company's claims of little pain, quick recovery and a more youthful appearance were false. An emergency room surgeon in Florida testified of a Lifestyle Lift patient admitted with a bleeding face who had to spend six days in intensive care.

Several Florida surgeons noted that Lifestyle Lift surgery left patients with unattractive scars and unimproved in appearance, explains USA Today. Consumers were attracted to the promise of quick procedures and low cost and didn't factor in the insufficient screening of patients, local anaesthesia and lack of post-surgery follow-up.