What Are the Risk Factors for a Lacunar Infarct?


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A person is at higher risk for a lacunar infarct if she smokes, abuses drugs or alcohol, or has a poor diet, according to Healthline. She is also at higher risk is she is pregnant or on birth control pills and does not exercise.

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People who are African-American or Hispanic are also at higher risk, says Healthline. The same is true for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or who have close family members who have suffered a stroke. Men are at higher risk than women. A lacunar infarct is the fifth most common type of stroke, and chronic hypertension is its most common cause.

A lacunar infarct causes a person to slur her speech and not be able to raise one arm, claims Healthline. Her face often droops to one side. Other symptoms depend on which area of the brain the stroke affects. This means the patient might have problems walking, thinking, speaking or understanding. She might fall unconscious or slip into a coma.

Time is of the essence in treating any victim of stroke, says Healthline. Doctors may deliver drugs directly to the patient's brain through a catheter to break up a clot or place the patient on machines to support her breathing and heartbeat. If she survives, she may need to live in a rehabilitation center or a nursing home.

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