How Do You Get Ripped?

How Do You Get Ripped?

How Do You Get Ripped?

Getting ripped is a difficult process that takes a varying amount of time to achieve for different people. In order to get ripped, you need access to a gym with heavy weights and somewhere to exercise safely.

  1. Work on intense interval cardiovascular exercise

    Begin incorporating short bursts of intense cardiovascular exercise into your workouts instead of prolonged endurance exercises. Sprint for a minute, and then walk briskly for two minutes. Repeat this cycle about five times. Intense workouts help burn fat while maintaining muscle mass, which cultivates a lean, ripped look.

  2. Perform more generalized training exercises

    Don't focus on exercises that are confined to very small groups of muscles. Instead, try to work on lifting weights and performing exercises that allow you to use more muscles and put on heavier amounts of weight. Specialized training exercises are good for fine-tuning your body, but you need to work on building up your entire body first.

  3. Incorporate heavier weights into your lifting routines

    Try to lift heavier amounts of weight for 6 to 8 reps, instead of going for lighter lifts and more reps. Heavier weights can help keep your body's metabolism running efficiently long after you have left the gym, which burns fat and allows for a ripped appearance.