How Do You Rinse Hair With Vinegar to Prevent Thinning?


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To rinse the hair with apple-cider vinegar, one should mix the vinegar with water in equal parts, and pour or spray it over the scalp after shampooing, writes Kirsten Hudson of The Huffington Post. One should let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing hair clean with water.

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Apple-cider vinegar helps with hair thinning or loss because it cleans and opens up the follicles on the scalp to allow for new hair growth, according to Vibrant Nation. The acidity of the vinegar also helps to balance out alkaline shampoos that damage the protective layer around the scalp and hair. Vinegar is also believed to promote more blood flow in the scalp, encouraging hair to grow. Finally, apple-cider vinegar adds shine and volume to hair, making it look thicker and helping visually balance any thinning.

Hair loss can occur for many reasons, states WebMD. The most common culprits are vitamin deficiencies, menopause and thyroid problems. Protein is crucial for healthy hair growth, while omega-3 fatty acids create a healthier scalp. Stressing the hair by tying, straightening, dying, or perming it can weaken hair and accelerate hair loss. It is also common for women to lose more hair after pregnancy or during menopause.

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