Does Ringworm Leave a Scar?

Scars are not typical of ringworm, notes the Washington Post. The infection sometimes leaves a pink spot that takes several weeks to disappear. If the blemish does not fade, a physician must be consulted to determine if it is ringworm or another cause, explains National Institutes of Health, MedlinePlus

A ringworm infection is caused by a fungus, states MedlinePlus. Symptoms include a ring-shaped red patch of skin, or itchy red skin, that sometimes blisters and oozes liquid. The edges of the blotches are typically well-defined.

Ringworm is very contagious, warns MedlinePlus. It passes from person to person through touch. In addition, a person is able to contract ringworm by coming into contact with contaminated items, such as clothing and contaminated shower or pool surfaces, notes MedlinePlus. Household pets, particularly cats, spread ringworm.