Does RightSource Only Provide Supplies for Diabetes?

Does RightSource Only Provide Supplies for Diabetes?

RightSource provides supply for treating a number of conditions in addition to diabetes. Right Source not only provides medicine and treatment tools for a number of different conditions they also have a team of trained pharmacist to check and make sure that all of the medications on an account are safe to be taken together.

Right Source along with its other division right source specialty is an online pharmacy and medical supply store. They focus on filling subscriptions with generic brands of drugs instead of brand name drugs. They then ship directly to their customers in plain packaging to insure customers privacy.

Right Source specialty focuses on shipping drugs for complex or chronic conditions. Many of these drugs are not available at a retail pharmacy as they need to be shipped and stored in refrigerated units. Some also need to be inhaled or injected.

In addition to perception drugs, Right Source also sells medical supplies that do not require a prescription. These supply can also be ordered online and shipped directly to the customer. Here are some of the supplies that right source can provide:

  • Diabetes supplies
  • Allergy and sinus supplies
  • Cold and flu supplies
  • Digestive health supplies
  • First aid supplies
  • Pain relievers
  • Personal care equipment
  • Skin care supplies
  • Women's health supplies
  • Vitamins, minerals and supplements