What Is a Right Neural Foraminal Narrowing?


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Right neural foraminal narrowing means there is less space in the nerve passageways on the right side of the spine than there was before, states Michael Perry, M.D., of the Laser Spine Institute. Foraminal narrowing, or foraminal stenosis, leads to pinched or compressed nerves. Neural means related to nerves.

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Each vertebra of the spine has open passageways on both sides, called intervertebral foramina. Spinal nerve roots use the passageways to leave the spinal column and join the body's nerve system, notes Dr. Perry. A bulging or herniated disk, spondylolisthesis, and bone spurs are a few of the conditions that cause neural foraminal narrowing. The narrowing occurs on either or both sides of the spine. Gentle stretching helps to relieve the pain.

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