How Do You Find the Right Dosage of Bisacodyl Tablets?

How Do You Find the Right Dosage of Bisacodyl Tablets?

The usual adult dose for bisacodyl is 5 to 15 milligrams, or one to three oral tablets once a day as needed, states Bisacodyl can be used for children following a pediatrician's approval and direction. Adults with severe symptoms or other underlying conditions should consult a doctor on the dosage.

Bisacodyl is a stimulant laxative typically used for constipation relief, according to Doctors may also prescribe bisacodyl for other medical conditions. The tablets should be swallowed whole without breaking, crushing or chewing, and should be accompanied by a full glass of water.

Bisacodyl should also not be taken for more than seven days or more than once a day unless directed by a doctor, according to WebMD. If a dose is missed, it should be taken as soon as it is remembered. However, if this is close to the time of the next dose, it is advisable to skip the missed dose and proceed with the regular dosing schedule.

A pediatrician should be consulted on the appropriate use and dosage of bisacodyl for children, as noted by Healthline. Bisacodyl can be given to children as young as 6 years for certain conditions.

It is best to consult a health care provider if there are any accompanying conditions such as pregnancy, heart issues and allergies, as noted by Bisacodyl is not appropriate for people who are unable to swallow without chewing. It is also inappropriate for severe stomach pain, appendicitis, severe constipation, intestinal blockage or internal bleeding. It should not be taken close to abdominal surgery.