What Is the Right Diet for a Damaged Kidney Due to Diabetes?


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Diabetics suffering from kidney damage and disease sometimes try a diet low in protein. Foods with high protein tend to make the kidneys work harder, and minimizing protein intake can reduce loss of protein in the urine, increasing levels of protein in the blood, notes the American Diabetes Association.

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A low-protein diet alone is not enough to improve the condition of a patient with kidney damage from diabetes. Tight management of blood pressure and blood sugar levels is also important. This has a significant effect on the rate of progression for kidney disease, as even a small jump in blood pressure can cause kidney disease to worsen quickly. Losing weight, exercising regularly, staying away from tobacco and alcohol, and cutting salt are ways to lower blood pressure naturally, as stated by the American Diabetes Association.

In addition to lifestyle changes, some medications also have the ability to lower blood pressure. While several blood pressure reduction drugs exist, not all are healthy for diabetics, as some elevate blood glucose levels, and others conceal signs of low blood sugar. ACE inhibitors are the blood pressure reduction drugs that most physicians prefer for their clients to take, according to the American Diabetes Association

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