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Rife therapy is a method of detecting and treating cancer using radio frequencies, according Andrew Weil, M.D. Although discredited, some practitioners attempt to use this method to treat cancer, as of 2015.

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Users of Rife therapy attach themselves to a Rife machine using electrical pads on their hands or feet through which they receive electrical impulses, reports Cancer Research UK. Individuals use this therapy a few minutes each day several times per week.

Royal Raymond Rife invented the Rife machine in the early 1930s, explains Andrew Weil, M.D. Rife believed that bacteria causes cancer, and his invention had the ability to use auras to detect cancer microbes. The machine then used radio frequencies to destroy the targeted microbes. Although the Rife machine garnered attention at the time the inventor introduced it, there was never any proof it worked.

As of 2015, H. pylori, which can lead to stomach cancer, is the only known bacterial cause of cancer, notes Andrew Weil, M.D. In addition, radio waves cannot destroy bacteria, but some practitioners continue to tout Rife therapy's efficacy.

There is no evidence that the Rife machine treats cancer, state Cancer Research UK. While supporters of Rife therapy claim it causes no side effects, some report rashes and electrical shocks.

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