How Do You Get Rid of Vertigo?


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The correct treatment for vertigo varies with the underlying cause, and in some cases no treatment is necessary because the brain adapts to changes in the inner ear, notes WebMD. In cases that require treatment, vestibular rehabilitation, repositioning maneuvers, medications and surgery are all options.

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How Do You Get Rid of Vertigo?
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Brain injury, neck injury and tumors sometimes cause vertigo. In these cases surgical treatment is often the best option. When inflammation or infection is at fault, steroids or antibiotics generally solve the issue. If the vertigo is a complication of fluid buildup due to a condition such as Meniere's disease, doctors often recommend use of a diuretic. Diuretics, or water pills, flush excess water out of the body. Nausea medications also help some vertigo sufferers, according to WebMD.

In some cases problems with calcium deposits called canaliths within the ear cause the vertigo, says WebMD. To treat this problem doctors recommend what are known as canalith repositioning maneuvers. These are physical movements that the patient performs in order to move calcium deposits out of the ear canal and into a chamber in the inner ear for absorption into the bloodstream.

Vestibular rehabilitation is another form of physical therapy that doctors employ to combat vertigo, reports WebMD. The vestibular system is the sensory system that deals with balance and motion relative to gravity, and vestibular rehabilitation strengthens this system, reducing the incidence of vertigo.

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