How Do You Get Rid of Thrush?


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According to WebMD, adults can treat mild cases of thrush by using an antifungal oral rinse for about 14 days. Topical medicines can be used to treat infants with thrush until the symptoms disappear, and the source of the infection, such as pacifiers or bottles, must be eliminated to prevent the thrush from coming back. Severe cases can be treated with both oral and topical antifungal medications.

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Thrush is a yeast infection that can develop on the tongue, in the mouth or on the throat, and antifungal medications that slow down the growth of yeast are generally used as a standard treatment. Those with persistent cases may need to take antifungal medications continuously to keep the thrush from reoccurring. According to WebMD, thrush is not a serious condition and is easy to treat and cure. While thrush can develop in people of all ages, it is most common in infants and older adults.

MedicineNet explains that smoking, stress and a weakened immune system are risk factors for thrush, and in most cases, the condition can be prevented if these risk factors are modified. The symptoms of thrush include white patches on the tongue, throat, inner cheeks and mouth, and pain and soreness in the mouth may also develop.

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