How Do You Get Rid of Stress?


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To reduce stress, WebMD recommends engaging in activities that help the body to regain its center, such as practicing deep breathing techniques, sitting in meditation, relying on close family and friends for support and developing methods to improve appreciation for what is already present in life. Spending time being physical, finding something to laugh about and listening to uplifting music are additional ways to decrease stress.

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Exercise is proven to alter the brain's state of being by releasing pleasant chemicals into the bloodstream that calm the nerves. WebMD suggests trying yoga, simple stretching, stair climbing or brisk walking as quick ways to make the body feel more at ease.

Stress is often exacerbated by a habitual pattern of worrying and negative thinking. To combat this, WebMD recommends maintaining a gratitude journal to keep track of the small cheerful things in life that might otherwise be overlooked. This helps to slowly change the mind's focus from a pessimistic perspective to a positive outlook, eventually lessening the burden of stress that accumulates within the body. It is also helpful to sit in silence for a period of time and gently turn the mind's attention to the areas of the body that may be tense from carrying stress. Visualizing the release of this tension can help signal muscles and nerves to relax.

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