How Do You Get Rid of Spider Veins Naturally?


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Arnica, hydrogen peroxide and sea salt are components in natural treatments designed to remove spider veins. These tiny lines that result from chronically dilated capillaries come from causes such as specific medications, liver cirrhosis, high estrogen levels and excess alcohol consumption, notes Earth Clinic.

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Arnica is a treatment compound that comes from a flower, and it is also used to treat inflammation and pain connected to sprains, bruises, arthritis and a variety of other pains and aches. A natural anti-inflammatory, arnica also boosts healthy levels of circulation. Applying arnica to spider veins each day limits inflammation, removing the spider veins' appearance, as stated by Earth Clinic.

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural oxidizer that fights inflammation and drives out infection. Applying hydrogen peroxide to the skin on top of spider veins brings out toxins and eases swelling while also enhancing healthy blood flow, which can also fight spider veins, according to Earth Clinic.

Sea salt is a crucial part of the body for a number of reasons. Sea salt helps circulation when taken in dilution each day, and it also levels out nutrient proportions in the body, restoring overall balance. This makes this substance significant in fighting spider veins, states Earth Clinic.

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