How Do You Get Rid of Sinus Pressure?


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In many instances, it is possible to relieve sinus pressure using at-home remedies, such as humidifying the air and drinking plenty of fluids, according to WebMD. Sinus irrigation helps to flush the mucus and other debris that cause pressure to build. If home remedies are not working, an over-the-counter medication may be necessary, and in cases where the sinus pressure is due to an infection, treatment by a doctor may be advised.

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WebMD indicates that keeping sinus passages moist and the body hydrated helps to relieve sinus pressure and the associated pain. Adding moisture to air that has been dried by a heating system can make breathing easier. Keeping the body hydrated by drinking fluids helps to thin mucus and allow it to drain. If an individual chooses to use irrigation, to wash away allergens and germs, they should use distilled, bottled or sterile water to mix a salt-water solution.

If the sinus pressure does not respond to home care, over-the-counter medications can sometimes provide relief, according to Mayo Clinic. Additionally, doctors may prescribe antibiotics, if the patient is suffering sinusitis due to a bacterial infection, however, if the infection is viral, antibiotics do not help. Steroid sprays and pills also help to relieve the swelling that causes the pressure.

Flying with a sinus condition is often painful, according to USA Today. Individuals who experience sinus pressure when flying often find relief by chewing gum during take-off and landing. Drinking large sips of water during the flight also helps to equalize the pressure in the sinuses due to cabin pressure changes.

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