How Do You Get Rid of Side Fat?


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Avoiding sugars, salts and unhealthy fats can help get rid of side fat. Adding fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and good fats, such as those found in raw seeds and avocado, to a diet can also help burn side fat. In addition, cardiovascular exercise and muscle strengthening can also reduce side fat.

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Side fat includes deposits of excess body fat that sit around the abdominal area, and people with excess side fat can pinch their belly fat from the front, back and sides. They are also called "love handles." Carrying weight in the abdominal and side oblique muscles is an indication of stored visceral fat. Apart from the danger of acquiring a bad shape, excessive fat can also harm an individual's health. According to an article by Robert Glatter for Forbes, excessive fat may increase the risk of developing diabetes or heart disease. Excessive hard deposits also increase the risk of obesity. Exercises alone do not actually eliminate any excess fat. Instead, they strengthen the muscles underneath the fat, which is useful. These exercises include the bicycle crunch, Russian twist, plank knee drive, side plank hip dips, side plank, stability ball plank, elevated plank, high plank from the hands, low plank from elbows and deadlift.

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