How Do You Get Rid of Red Cheeks?

rid-red-cheeks Credit: Universal Images Group Editorial/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

An article at Health Guidance by Chris Jacoby notes that getting rid of red cheeks depends upon the root cause of the redness. In many cases, this redness occurs because of a change in temperature, particularly extreme cold. However, redness in the cheeks also occurs because of other underlying medical conditions, such as acne, rosacea or sunburn.

The Huffington Post notes that Dr. Ava Shamban, author of "Heal Your Skin," and Brooke Wilensky, Medical Aesthetician with Union Square Laser Dermatology, offer five ways to prevent and treat redness of the cheeks due to coldness during the winter months. The first is to incorporate foods that help prevent redness. The other ways include looking for ingredients like white tea extract, cucumber, ginger and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate that reduce redness; taking measures like using a humidifier and washing in warm but not hot water; dressing appropriately to cover the face; and watching alcohol intake.

Christopher Jacoby at Health Guidance also offers specific solutions for different causes of red cheeks. When redness occurs from heat, he suggests chewing or sucking on ice. He also suggests controlling breathing when redness comes from psychological factors like embarrassment. When redness comes from a condition such as high blood pressure, Jacoby suggests consuming more fiber, drinking more water, improving cardiac fitness with exercise and lowering calorie intake.