How Do I Get Rid of a Rash on My Face?

The steps to getting rid of a skin rash on the face depend on the underlying cause, but rosacea has no known cure as of November 2014, according to Mayo Clinic. Individuals suffering the condition benefit from avoiding certain triggers, such as foods or skin products. A doctor may prescribe treatments that reduce the symptoms.

Men with hair that curls back after they shave often suffer from razor bumps, according to WebMD. This rash includes irritation and small pimples and sometimes leaves scars. To prevent razor bumps, individuals should try shaving after a hot shower and pulling the razor in the direction of hair growth. Men who suffer razor bumps should always use shaving cream and rinse the face with cold water after shaving. Applying a moisturizer to the skin after shaving helps to prevent the rash.

Contact dermatitis affects some people more than others. It is more common on the thin layers of skin under the eyelids. Individuals who suffer from contact dermatitis should avoid the allergen to allow the rash to heal, according to Mayo Clinic. In some cases, medication helps to relieve the symptoms.

The herpes virus causes cold sores that form around the mouth, and it's contagious. Without medication, a cold sore requires about 10 days to heal, according to WebMD. Antiviral medications help to speed healing.