How Do You Get Rid of Pinworms Without Medication?

An individual can help get rid of pinworms without medication by using nutrition and supplements, herbs, and homeopathy, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. It is important to discuss any potential treatment with a health care provider to ensure the method is safe and appropriate.

Foods that can help get rid of pinworms include a raw garlic, carrots, beets, pomegranates, pumpkin seeds, and a mixture of honey and papaya seeds, states UMMC. Simple carbohydrates and sugars, other than honey, should be avoided. The individual should drink plenty of water to help flush out the body's system. Eating additional fiber may also help rid the body of worms.

Adding probiotics to the diet can help the digestive tract stay healthy, notes UMMC. Taking the enzyme papain 30 minutes before or after meals may help kill pinworms. Taking vitamin C or zinc may help support the immune system. Herbs, such as anise, wormwood and goldenseal, specifically recommended by a health care professional, may also help get rid of pinworms. For homeopathic remedies, an experienced homeopath is able to assess numerous factors and determine the best remedy for the individual.

After treatment, UMMC advises having the stool tested by a health care professional to verify that the pinworms are gone. It is important to follow the health care professional's direction to avoid getting parasites again because this can cause more serious health issues.