How Do You Get Rid of a Neck Kink?

To relieve a kink in the neck, alternate ice and heat packs on the neck area while resting, as explained by Silver Cross Hospital. Anti-inflammatory medications prescribed by a physician may also help reduce pain associated with a kink in the neck.

When coping with a kink in the neck, it is helpful to take short periods of rest between active periods of walking, according to Silver Cross Hospital. When resting, the body's muscles become weaker. Then, while walking, blood flow increases to maintain strength and improve muscular pain while the body releases natural pain medication.

One of the key elements of reducing kinks and pains in the neck area is prevention, according to Silver Cross Hospital. Common risk factors for neck pain include smoking, obesity and systemic disorders such as arthritis and certain infections. Additional risk factors may include muscle strains as a result of sleeping in an awkward position or prolonged physical activity, whiplash due to rear-impact car accidents, spinal stenosis caused by disc bulging, and osteoarthritis that results from intervertebral discs that are narrowing.

Neck pain and kinks limited to the width of a person's neck often occur as a result of muscular spasms, according to Silver Cross Hospital. The symptoms can become prolonged if serious injuries or pinched nerves in the neck occur. If home remedies do not alleviate the neck kink or pain, consult with a physician for further evaluation.