How Do You Get Rid of Muscular Calves in Women?

The process for reducing the size of a woman's calf muscles is dependent upon the woman's current activity level, diet and body type. According to In Shape magazine, if calves are large because of an exercise routine such as running or weight training, a person must alter or completely change her workout. Naturally muscular women can employ muscle lengthening techniques and diet changes to get rid of overly muscular calves.

Runners who wish to reduce their large calves need to shift to a different exercise routine such as swimming or circuit training, avoiding exercise routines that build bulk. Training that involves high repetitions and low weight loads is less likely to add bulk than running or traditional weight training. Another way to reduce the bulk of calf muscles is to lengthen the muscle fibers with yoga, foam rollers or stretching routines. Diet changes that reduce fat storage help with the appearance of bulky calf muscles. When less fat is stored in the muscle fibers, the overall size is reduced. When female athletes concentrate on altering the ratio of bulky slow twitch muscle fibers and the more compact fast twitch muscle fibers, the aesthetic result is visible.