How Do You Get Rid of Muscle Soreness?


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To get ride of muscle soreness, add a cool down phase at the end of every workout, stretch, use both heat and cooling treatments, and massage the muscles. Soreness can take a couple days or weeks to completely heal.

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  1. Cool down after each workout

    Perform light aerobic exercise, such as walking or jogging, for 10 minutes at the end of your workout.

  2. Stretch the muscles

    Muscle soreness is a cycle that can involve muscle tightness and contractions. Stretching the muscles that were exercised relieves tightness. Stretch after your cool down phase.

  3. Heat and cool the muscles

    Hot and cold both increase blood flow, which helps the muscles heal. Common methods of heating and cooling include heat wraps, ice packs and taking a shower while switching the temperature every 30 seconds.

  4. Massage the muscles

    Massages loosen the muscles. After a workout, muscles can have knots, which are specific parts of the muscle that radiate pain when pressure is applied. Visit a massage therapist to get a deep tissue massage, or use a foam roller to massage the muscles using your own body weight. Use a foam roller by lying on it and slowly rolling it under the sore muscles. Pause your rolling when you find a painful area and relax for about 30 seconds as the muscle releases tension.

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