How Do You Get Rid of Mucus in the Throat?


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There are several methods that help alleviate mucus in the throat, which include drinking eight glasses of water daily, drinking hot beverages, gargling with warm saltwater and using a humidifier, reports NativeRemedies. It also helps to avoid products that create more mucus, such as cigarettes, dairy, fried foods and meat.

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Excessive throat mucus is often the result of allergies, a cold, post-nasal drip or sinusitis, states NativeRemedies. The lungs, mouth, nose, throat and sinuses have tissues that make mucus, explains WebMD. The mucus maintains moisture and keeps harmful substances out of the body. Individuals who experience excessive phlegm in their throat may have a disorder called laryngopharyngeal reflux, notes Fauquier Ear Nose & Throat Consultants of Virginia.

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