How Do You Get Rid of Mouth Sores?


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Most mouth sores, including recurrent cold sores, usually go away on their own after about two weeks, although they may last longer. In some cases, doctors may prescribe a topical medication or mouthwash to ease any pain and swelling caused by mouth sores, notes WebMD. These treatments are not guaranteed to speed up healing.

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Pain and inflammation from canker sores is reduced by applying a thin paste made of baking soda and water, directly on the sores. Gargling with salt water is another effective home remedy. Pain is often reduced by rinsing the mouth with cool water or eating a Popsicle. Alternatively, a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water might also help, according to MedlinePlus.

Cold sores and fever blisters are usually treated with a topical medication or ice. It may be necessary to take over-the-counter pain medication to eliminate severe symptoms of pain.

One of the best ways to keep from experiencing pain associated with mouth sores is to avoid irritating the sores by consuming hot foods and beverages. Biting down on tender areas inside the mouth can make sores worse. Tobacco chewing tends to irritate them as well. Take steps to prevent mouth sores by chewing food slowly, reducing stress and visiting the dentist.

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