How Do You Get Rid of Montgomery Glands?

rid-montgomery-glands Credit: Eric Audras/ONOKY/Getty Images

Montgomery glands can be removed by a plastic surgeon through surgical excision, explains Dr. Josesph Mele for The procedure is similar to removing a mole and leaves a scar. The risk of scarring that is more noticeable than the Montgomery glands must be considered prior to surgery.

While surgical excision is effective if a patient wants to remove only a few Montgomery glands, removing a large number of Montgomery glands requires a doughnut-shaped excision that leaves a circular scar around the base of the areola, according to Dr. Vincent D. Lepore for

Montgomery glands, also referred to as "Montgomery tubercules," are completely natural round bumps located in the areola, which surround the nipple, according to Wikipedia. They are sebaceous glands that create oily secretions that protect the nipple and areola, and they keep them properly lubricated. These areolar glands often raise and become more visible when the nipple is stimulated, and they were named for Dr. William Montgomery, who first described them in 1837.

Montgomery glands typically grow larger during pregnancy and then remain enlarged throughout the breastfeeding period, according to Debbi Donovan, a certified lactation consultant writing for iVillage. It is normal for a woman to have anywhere from four to 28 Montgomery glands on each areola.