How Do You Get Rid of Leg Pain?


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To get rid of leg pain, take over-the-counter medications, rest, apply cold compressions to the affected area or raise the leg, according to Healthline. Massage or stretch leg muscles to alleviate symptoms of leg pain. Causes of leg pain include injury, cramps, dehydration, and certain diseases and medications, states MedlinePlus

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Treatment of leg pain depends on the cause, notes Healthline. If pain occurs due to extreme physical activity, apply ice to the leg for about 15 minutes, four times a day. Raise the leg, and rest for a long period if the pain results from varicose veins. Take aspirin to relieve the pain. Other medicines that can aid in reducing leg pain include acetaminophen and ibuprofen, explains MedlinePlus.

To prevent leg pain, eat foods such as lima beans, bananas and chicken, which contain high amounts of potassium, notes Healthline. In addition to stretching before and after doing exercises, cut down on alcohol, stop smoking and ensure that your cholesterol and blood pressure levels are healthy.

Seek medical attention if you have a fever, experience pain when walking, suffer from swollen legs, home care procedures do not reduce the symptoms or if the pain lasts for a long time, advises Healthline. Contact a doctor immediately if the legs turn pale or red, you cannot move or experience sensitive-to-touch legs.

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