How Do You Get Rid of Knots in Your Shoulder Blade?

Get rid of knots in the shoulder blade by putting a tennis ball, lacrosse ball or massage ball in a sock, holding the end of the sock and placing it against the knot by pressing against a wall or the floor. Maintain pressure until it is no longer tolerable.

Massage techniques and tactics can release hard-to-reach knots in the shoulder blade. One way to relieve knots in this area is by using the candy-cane cure. This involves using a massager shaped like a candy cane that has several attachments for self-massage. The pressure is adjusted according to individual need.

Another massager, a large foam roller, helps to increase blood flow to the back and massages multiple areas at once to identify additional problems.

Using a combination of hot and cold treatments between massages also helps loosen knots in the back. Alternate between cold and hot treatments to prevent the skin from getting uncomfortable.

Additionally, moving around for a few minutes every hour helps keep knots loose and prevents them from reforming. Moving the shoulders in a rolling motion helps to release extra tension that builds up while sitting or lying down.

If at-home treatments do not work, seek treatment with a professional massage therapist.