How Do You Get Rid of Knobby Knees?

Improve the appearance of knobby knees through strength training or plastic surgery, according to Dr. John Griffith. Strenuous exercise makes the muscles around the knees stronger and tighter, while plastic surgery can significantly reduce the amount of excess fat surrounding the knees.

The route of plastic surgery often involves liposuction to clear away any surplus fat around the knees, notes Dr. Griffith. Though this procedure enhances the look of the knees, it does not strengthen muscle. A certain amount of exercise is still necessary to build muscle and further improve upon the look of the knees.

Jogging, jump roping and stair climbing constitute a few of the exercises that can bolster and tone muscles in the knees, as Dr. Griffith advises. Lunges and squats provide additional assistance toward strengthening the knees and are easy to perform in almost any location. Outdoor activities, such as snow skiing, skating and water skiing, can all yield immediate growth in the musculature of the knees while at the same time burning fatty tissue in other parts of the body. Not only does exercise and activity tighten the knees, but they lower their fat content as well.

Cosmetics offer a temporary remedy to alter the appearance of the knees, notes Dr. Griffith. Certain products create a slenderizing and/or bronzed look. Long skirts help conceal knobby knees.