How Do I Get Rid of Inflamed Taste Buds?

Treatments to get rid of inflamed taste buds include gargling, ice application, baking soda, honey, glycerin, tea tree oil, and a combination of ginger, pepper and garlic, according to To prevent the problem from reoccurring, it is best to avoid spicy foods and other oral irritants. recommends gargling a warm glass of water mixed with a teaspoon of salt three times a day. Gargling the solution promotes blood flow, thereby reducing the inflammation. Another treatment is to chew ice chips or apply ice on the inflamed area without leaving the ice on the tongue for too long. Applying baking soda to the affected area and swishing honey in the mouth also help. Application of a mixture of ginger, pepper and garlic up to four times a day can help reduce inflammation caused by infection. Glycerin soothes the tongue and gives relief from burning sensations, especially when the inflammation is caused by burns, cuts, lacerations or spicy foods. Additionally, tea tree oil can be used as a gargle to reduce inflammation. advises avoiding spicy and hot foods, smoking tobacco, wearing dentures that fit improperly and using strong mouthwashes with harsh ingredients, as these are some of the common causes of inflamed taste buds.