How Do You Get Rid of an Infected Ingrown Hair?


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Using a mud mask, antibiotic ointment and tea tree oil are all methods for getting rid of an ingrown hair, according to About.com. Sugar scrubs, over-the-counter ingrown hair treatments and acne medications are also used to treat ingrown hairs.

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It is important that those who have infected ingrown hairs refrain from picking at the area, states About.com. An individual should also stay away from waxing or tweezing the hair as these acts may make the infection spread. Those with infected ingrown hair should also refrain from shaving the area, if possible.

Treatments such as mud masks work well for infected ingrown hairs as they help to pull out impurities from the skin, explains About.com. This also helps to improve the appearance of the skin. Another option for treatment is a sugar scrub made with sugar and essential oils. This method helps to gently pull the hair out of the skin and helps promote healing. Though it does not remove the hair, antibiotic ointment helps to clear up the infection. Tea tree oil is a natural choice for those with infected ingrown hairs, and if looking for an easy option, over-the-counter acne medication and ingrown-hair-treatment kits both work to heal the area.

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