How Do You Get Rid of Gout Pain?


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To treat gout pain, it can require taking different medications prescribed by a doctor, such as nonsteroidal drugs, steroid medicines and the drug colchicine, states the Mayo Clinic. Similarly, there are medications available to treat complications related to gout attacks, including drugs that either remove uric acid or block its formation in the body.

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People with gout can experience symptoms of pain, inflammation and tenderness in joints, such as that of the big toe. Gout is an arthritic condition in which uric acid forms and affects joints. The formation of uric acid is related to purine metabolism in the body, reports MedlinePlus.

To address symptoms of a gout attack, doctors can recommend either non-prescription or stronger prescription anti-inflammatory drugs to treat joint swelling. Another option is to utilize a steroid drug either in pill form or as an injection. The drug called colchicine is used for effective relief of gout pain, relates the Mayo Clinic. When gout attacks occur often, there are medications utilized, such as xanthine oxidase and probenecid, that help to either reduce uric acid formation or remove it, respectively.

Besides these treatments, doctor can also recommend certain lifestyle changes that can help prevent future gout attacks. These changes can be to avoid eating foods that are high in purines, lose weight, exercise and cease drinking alcohol, suggests WebMD.

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