How Do You Get Rid of Gas in Your Body?

WebMD explains that gas usually goes away by itself, but simple solutions, such as increasing water intake, help prevent gas and bloating. The site recommends avoiding carbonated drinks and alcoholic beverages in this increased intake as these fluids contribute to gas problems.

The Mayo Clinic also acknowledges that other health issues may cause gas, bloating and pain. In this case, the staff recommends treating the underlying cause to get rid of the gas. For instance, the Mayo Clinic recommends some changes in the diet in order to relieve gas problems, such as identifying the foods that have the most effect on gas problems, cutting back on fried and fatty foods, temporarily cutting back on foods high in fiber and reducing the consumption of dairy foods. The clinic also suggests the use of some remedies found over the counter at stores, such as activated charcoal, Beano, products containing simethicone and lactase supplements. The Mayo Clinic also suggests lifestyle changes, including avoiding activities such as gum chewing, sucking on hard candies and drinking through a straw as well as checking dentures to prevent swallowing excess air, exercising and eating smaller portions. The clinic also recommends eating slowly and chewing food thoroughly without gulping.