How Do You Get Rid of Gas and Bloating?


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Individuals can get rid of gas and bloating by avoiding foods that produce gas, eating slowly, taking a walk, using over-the-counter drugs, avoiding carbonated drinks and eating fewer fatty foods. Gas buildup and bloating are natural conditions that are usually caused by swallowed air or the breaking down of food during digestion. A person may experience gas and bloating several times a day depending on what he or she eats.

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Foods that increase gas and bloating include cabbage, onions, lettuce, milk, broccoli, hard candy, whole-grain foods, beans, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Reducing consumption of these foods can help in getting rid of bloating. Avoiding certain habits, such as chewing gum, smoking and drinking alcohol, can also reduce gas, as stated by Mayo Clinic.

Cutting down on drinking carbonated drinks can reduce bloating. People with dentures should ensure that they are well-fitted, as poorly-fitted dentures allow excess air to the swallowed. Eating while stressed or in a rush can also interfere with digestion, thus leading to gas and bloating. Taking a walk after having a meal can also help to reduce the instances of bloating. If the condition causes the appearance of certain symptoms, it is sensible to seek medical attention.

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