How Do You Get Rid of Garlic Breath?


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According to Breath MD, the most effective way to alleviate garlic breath is to thoroughly brush your teeth, scrape you tongue, floss between the teeth and then use a mouthwash. When you do not have access to the supplies needed to brush and floss, you can make your garlic breath less noticeable by eating an apple, sipping on green tea or sipping a little lemon juice.

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Garlic breath is caused by the presence of garlic's natural, volatile sulfur compounds in your mouth. Removing these sulfur compounds through proper brushing and flossing causes the worst of garlic breath to subside quickly. After brushing there may still be some lingering odor from the allyl methyl sulfide compounds that are inhaled into your lungs as you eat garlic. Eating an apple can help hide this odor because the apple contains a compound that oxidizes the sulfur compounds and causes them to be less smelly. Green tea is also effective in alleviating garlic breath, both while you're awaiting the chance to brush your teeth and when there's still a lingering odor after brushing. It contains natural plant phenols that neutralize all four odoriferous sulfur compounds in garlic. The acid in a sip of fresh lemon juice may also help easy garlic breath by neutralizing the smelly compound alliinase.

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