How Do You Get Rid of Flabby Arms?


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There are two ways to get rid of flabby arms: exercise or cosmetic procedures, such as liposuction. Exercise is the healthiest option because it also benefits the heart, mind and many other parts of the body. Liposuction can get rid of fat, flabby arms, but it is an expensive and risky medical procedure.

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It is easy to develop a weight or resistance routine that focuses on toning the arm muscles. Follow it twice a week using dumbbells, body weight or exercise bands. Effective exercises to perform include push ups, biceps curls, shoulder presses and triceps extensions. Include a cardio routine for overall fat loss and to improve aerobic health. Moderately difficult exercise for 30 minutes a day is recommended. Follow a healthy weight loss diet that includes plenty of protein, complex carbohydrates and whole grains. Avoid sugar, salt and refined foods.

Liposuction, the alternative to exercise, can remove excess fat but won't tone up the arm muscles or remove saggy skin. It is also expensive and opens the door to certain risks, such as infection.

After fat has been removed, either by exercise, diet or liposuction, cosmetic surgery can remove excess loose skin, but the recovery period, during which the arms cannot be raised, can be up to several weeks. This procedure is called an arm lift, and there are significant costs and risks associated with it.

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