How Do You Get Rid of Corns?


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According to NHS Choices, a podiatrist can remove corns from the feet by using a sharp blade to remove the thickened area of skin. This treatment is typically painless and can help to remove pressure from the affected area. Corns on the feet are typically caused by poorly fitting shoes, and finding shoes that fit better or using insoles can also often help to alleviate pain.

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According to NHS Choices, corns can be treated with over-the-counter treatments, such as corn plasters. Their use is only recommended after consulting with a specialist regarding the corns as these products are not right for all people. They can negatively affect thinner skin surrounding the corn and are contraindicated in people who are diabetic, have fragile skin or have circulation problems.

Corns are small areas of thickened skin that sometimes form on the tops and sides of toes or on the bottom of the foot. In addition to being caused by poorly fitting footwear, they can form on feet without a lot of natural cushioning or because of a bunion or hammer toe, according to NHS Choices. In many cases, dealing with the underlying cause of the bunion can help to alleviate the symptoms of the corn. If a corn is not treated, over time, it can become larger and more painful.

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