How Do You Get Rid of Calcium Deposits Under the Eyes?


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Calcium deposits under the eyes should be treated with a warm, damp washcloth several times daily, according to Modern Mom health & fitness experts. Those that do not disappear on the own may be corrected with laser treatment or surgery at the discretion of a doctor or dermatologist.

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Such deposits are often a type of cyst called milia; the condition often results from genetics, skin problems, burns and excessive sunbathing. Treatment with a warm, damp washcloth should continue for several days until the deposits lighten or disappear; the process may help the milia fall off on their own faster, according to the Columbia University’s Health Services website.

While not necessarily painful or medically dangerous, milia are embarrassing for many women. If the calcium deposits do not disappear on their own, laser treatment and surgery are two options that can be used to rid the eyes of the embarrassing nuisance.

Patients are advised to get rid of any rough sheets or clothing that might potentially rub against the milia; such materials can redden the calcium deposits and intensify their appearance. It is important not to pick at milia or calcium deposits, as this can lead to unwanted infections and even cause scarring, warn Columbia University health experts.

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