How Do You Get Rid of Bone Spurs in Your Heel?


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Heel spurs can be treated with surgery, but there are some nonsurgical options available, states WebMD. In some cases, a doctor may recommend certain types of stretches, special shoes, shoe inserts, taping or strapping to rest the strained muscles, or physical therapy. Pain may also be relieved by over-the-counter pain medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

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Too much walking or prolonged rest can increase discomfort from heel spurs, according to WebMD. The pain caused by a bone spur in the heel can sometimes get better with more walking.

While over 90 percent of people do not need surgery to correct heel spurs, sometimes it is necessary after nine to 12 months without improvement from nonsurgical methods, states WebMD. Surgery might release the plantar fascia to decrease tension or remove the spur. After the surgery, it is important to follow the recommendations of the surgeon to avoid causing unnecessary pain. The foot should be elevated and iced. Sometimes compression helps as well. Some patients require surgical shoes, casts and crutches after the surgery.

Heel spurs can be prevented by wearing shoes with shock-absorbing soles. It is important that shoes fit well. If overweight or obese, losing weight can decrease the chance of developing heel spurs.

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