How Do You Get Rid of Big Calves?


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Getting rid of big calves is a process that can take a very long time to complete depending on the severity of the problem. In order to get rid of your large calves, talk to someone who can examine your gait and get access to somewhere you can exercise.

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  1. Avoid activities that exercise your calves

    Look at your regular schedule and determine if the activities you engage in work out your calf muscles. This could mean more than just the exercises you do at the gym. Activities like walking in high heels can put strain on your calves and cause them to increase in size. Stop this trend by avoiding any problem activities you identify.

  2. Evaluate and modify the way you walk

    Visit a professional who can assess your gait. It is possible that your walking technique may put unnecessary weight on your calf muscles. Your physician should have some suggestions on how to correct this technique so that your calf muscles will not increase further in size.

  3. Lose some weight

    Start eating healthier and getting cardiovascular exercise. Oftentimes, large calves are storing considerable amounts of fat. By cutting added sugars and starches from your diet, and consuming lean proteins, you can start to cut down on the fat. An hour a day of vigorous cardiovascular exercise can burn up to a pound a week.

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