How Do You Get Rid of a Bad Cough?


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WebMD states that staying hydrated, sucking on lozenges, consuming hot drinks, breathing steam and removing air irritants gets rid of a bad cough. Finding the cause of a bad cough helps one choose the right remedy, and professional medical help is typically needed if the cough is chronic and persistent.

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WebMD states that a cold or flu can cause a bad cough from a postnasal drip, and dry mucous membranes are another cause of coughing. Drinking a high amount of fluids thins out the mucous when postnasal drip is present and also keeps mucous membranes moist. A menthol cough drop decreases the cough reflex by numbing the back of the throat, and warm tea with honey soothes the throat.

Utilizing steam by way of a hot shower or humidifier helps a cough by loosening mucus in the body, but it is necessary to regularly clean a humidifier to make sure that it does not begin releasing fungus, bacteria and mold into the air, notes WebMD. Irritants in the air can enter the lungs and cause a bad cough; avoiding scented products, such as scented bathroom sprays and perfumes, prevents extra mucous from forming in the lungs, and quitting smoking discontinues the act of placing irritants directly into the lungs.

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