What Are Some Rico Perez Vitamin Products?

Dr. Rico-Perez sells vitamin E; vitamin D3 in 2,000 and 5,000 international units and as a gummy; a vitamin B complex, which contains vitamin B6; vitamin B12; and niacin, or vitamin B3, according to the company's website. Dr. Rico-Perez also sells a 70/20 multivitamin, a Women's Balance multivitamin phyto-estrogen pill and an Immune Complex Formula.

The Rico-Perez 70/20 multivitamin formula concentrate contains vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements such as bee pollen and Ginkgo biloba extract, as detailed by the company's website. However, the website does not further specify other ingredients or the amount of each ingredient in the concentrate. The Women's Balance multivitamin contains the vitamins thiamine, or vitamin B1; niacin; riboflavin, or vitamin B2; folic acid; and vitamin B6. It also contains herbal and vegetable extracts that act as estrogen-like substances, including black cohosh, dong quai, isoflavones and gamma oryzanol.

The Immune Complex formula contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and riboflavin, and it is intended to help fight free radicals in the body, according to the company. It also contains herbal and plant extracts such as Echinacea purpurea, reishi mushrooms and astragalus.

Dr. Manuel Rico-Perez received his Doctorate of Medicine from the Universidad Central del Este located in the Dominican Republic, as noted by the company. As of 2015, he maintains his own Spanish-speaking medical radio show, and he promotes his products toward the Spanish-speaking market in the United States.