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Rhus toxicodendron, also known as poison ivy, is a homeopathic preparation used for treating health conditions such as skin problems, strains, sprains and viral infections such as the flu. Additionally, this remedy is used for treating arthritis, cramps and restless leg syndrome, states Healthline.

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Rhus toxicodendron is available in the form of gel, ointment, pill, capsule and liquid and is available without a prescription. This homeopathic preparation is used by both children and adults and can be taken only once or twice or used on a regular basis, depending on the condition being treated, reports Healthline. Homeopathic remedies such as Rhus toxocidendron illicit a unique response in each person taking them and are not evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration.

The research evidence for the effectiveness of using Rhus toxicodendron for treating arthritis is mixed. When compared to the drug fenoprofen which used to treat inflammation, Rhus toxicodendron was no more effective than a placebo. Another study found that Rhus toxicodendron was as effective as the anti-inflammatory drug piroxicam. However, both treatments may have been equally ineffective, as the drug had not been previously studied as an arthritis treatment, according to Healthline. In an animal study using rats, research demonstrated that Rhus toxicodendron prevented weight changes, inflammatory lesions, and radiological joint changes caused by pain and arthritis.

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